15 de julho de 2011

Keep pushing

This is not a training anymore. Now it's the time. Show who you really are, who you became. Go for it. Act on what you believe. Finally. No more theory, now is time for action. Words are not enough anymore. You don't have to rush, you don't have to worry or hurry, you just have to believe. Believe with faith, with patience, with all you are. No fear. Just go. Go with the smile in your face and the love in your heart and everything will be alright, as always. You know who is by your side, no matter what. But if you forget, look up at the sky and you will remember. And even if it's cloudy, some fireworks will come up so you can be sure that you are made to be the next shinning wonder of God, you just have to have courage.

Don't ever forget:
1. one day at a time
2. keep it simple
3. good things come to those who wait (with faith, NOT with expectations)
4. Things that come with time will always be better. Everyone gets what they want too fast, these days. No one knows the way to make things last.

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