11 de julho de 2011

How to be an explorer of the world

One of the best books i've ever bought:
How to be an explorer of the world - Portable life museum - Keri Smith

Some quotes of it:
"At any given moment, no matter where you are, there are hundreds of things around you that are interesting and worth documenthing."

"Expect the unexpected and you will find it"

"We shall not cease from exploration and at the end of our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" (T.S. Eliot)

How to be an explorer of the world
1. always be looking (notice the ground beneath your feet)
2. Consider everythng alive and animate
3. everything is interesting - look closer
4. Alter your course often
5. Observe for long durations (and short ones)
7. Notice patterns, make conections
8. Document your findings (field notes) in a variety of ways
9. Incorporate indeterminancy
10. observe movement
11. create a personal dialogue with your enviroment, talk to it
12. trace thing back to the origins
13. use all of the senses in your investigation

All of this reminds me so much the Pixar values:


"going from suck to non suck"

"stay hungry. stay foolish."

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