6 de julho de 2011

Go do

Rain. Sun. Wind. Bright. Cloudy. Hot. Cold. Dark. Whatever. I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not afraid of the dark because that's when is easier to see the light of the moon and the stars. And even if they are hidden, it will be fireworks. Everything is inside. We just need another perspective to see it. A look. A breath, a deep breath. A break. Space. A hug. A kiss. A photo. A smile. A sunset. A star. The moon. Silence. No clock. Off line. The right soundtrack. The last ray of sunshine in the hair of the people, because there is where the sun gives its last shine. Sometimes you need to feel cold to feel warm again. Sometime you need to let the wind blow. This is freedom. Freedom comes with faith. And it's something we need to go for it, tiger. You need courage, you need you, all of you. Be free is be you, no matter what. Be free is soft like a smile. When you know how to smile even if the things are not the way you want, you know how to be be free. Sadness, expectation, anger, fights are prisions we creat. Why we feel save being a prisioner? NO! It's not right. Take the fear of the unknown to be brave and go against this ordinary movement. If somebody say you are crazy, be proud of it. Open your eyes, let it fly. Open your heart, let it be the size it is supposed to be. Be panoramic, act panoramic and the doors will open, naturally. Feel hot. Feel cold. Feel alive. Let it rain. Rain is just a kind of mess that help you sort everything out. Can you do it all? Close your eyes and you will know what to do and how to do it.

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