8 de dezembro de 2008

Projeto final do curso de Writing Children's Fiction

Esse é o livro para crianças que eu fiz! É um picture book e a arte dele está esperando por um ilustrador que se interesse...vamos ver se sai do papel um dia... hehehe....

The boy who wants to touch the sky
by Gabriela Serio

Mom, will I ever touch the sky?
Not even if the wind blows me as strong as it can?
Not even if I take a ride in a spaceship?
Not even if a star fell down and someone has to put it in the sky again?
Not even if the moon can’t sleep and needs someone to tell her a story?
Not even if I become the tallest person in the world?
Not even if I want to take one of the rings of Saturn to give for you?
Not even if I want to find a planet where nobody has to go to bed?
I never understand why do I have to sleep if the stars are still awake…

(the Mom says) Because in your dreams you can touch the sky as many times as you want.

The boy who wants to chase the sun
by Gabriela Serio

Mom! Mommy! Mom! Where is the sun?? Where? Where?
It's gone again!!!!
Do you think it is in Japan just like the other day?
The sun doesn't sleep? Ever?
The sun doesn't get tired?
Does it get jet leg?
The sun doesn't ever get lost in the way?
The sun has a clock to know the time to leave?
Do you think that if we go to Japan now the plane will be fast enough to bring us back home with the sun?
Let's try?
Can i pack?

And the boy finally felt asleep in his bed using his bag as a pillow.
The sun rises, lighting the face of the boy. He slowly opens his eyes and shouts with joy and pride: Mom, we did it!!! 

The boy who wants to carry the world
by Gabriela Serio

Can you see this boy? Well, even carrying this great big bag, he can run, he can hide and he can fly with it.
And everywhere he goes, he gets something to put inside of it.
Once, he went to the most beautiful beach he has ever gone and took the biggest sea shell. He swears he can hear the pinguins from Antartida from there.
In another time he went to a big mountain with the most outstanding view and took a flower from the higgest tree over there. He swear he can smell the moon inside of it.
One day his mother asked him:
- Sweetie, why are you collecting so many things?
- Mom, there aren't just...things!
- Oh! Sorry honey....so...what are they?
- See...every dream leaves you a souvenir....The more you keep, more you will know that you were awake when they happened. 

Projeto final do curso de Creative Writing

Você pode ler esse poema como duas colunas ou lendo ele horizontal como um texto mesmo! Ambos os jeitos fazem sentido! Ou não! Pelo menos eu tentei fazer com que fizessem! :)