5 de maio de 2011

Who knows?

"I have to keep breathing...Because tomorrow the sun will rise...Who knows what the tide could bring..."

One more time - Michael W Smith

There always to be a door that you can't open
There always seems to be a moutain you can't climb
But you keep on reaching
You just keep on reaching
When your destiny is out there in the distance
But the road ahead's a mine field in disguise
And you keep on moving
You just keep on moving
You will make it throught this
Just give it time
You gotta give it time

This is what you're made for
Standing in the downpour
Knowing the sun will shine
Forget what lies behind you
Heaven walks beside you
You got to give it one more try
One more time

You just keep on reaching
You just keep on, you keep on moving
When the shadows fall on everything you're dreaming
When the promises turn out to be a lie
You just keep believing
You just keep believing
Oh, don't stop your dreaming
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright

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