27 de janeiro de 2011


I don't know when it started. And i definitely don't know when it's gonna end, if it's possible to happen. Maybe i'm crazy. Maybe. The only thing i know is that i love to travel. I love the ideia that "this is not all", that life is not only what i see. I love the ideia that there is a lot, a lot of things happning right now, everywhere. It's something bigger than me. Simple as that. And today, with this brand new passport, with no stamps inside, i want to go somewhere. Not to run away. Not because i don't have roots. Not at all. Because i think the only reason i can go anywhere is because i know where my roots is, that's why i can go because i know that i have something and someone to come back for. Maybe that's why i like so much the sun, stars and the moon. They travels all day long, we can not see them all the time, but they come back, everyday, even hidden behind the clouds, they are there, always. So, that's why for me travel is faith, travel is life, travel is challenge yourself to be much more than you can imagine. And the best thing is: sometimes you don't even have to move to travel. The real and best travel is the one you go inside of you. And from this one, i don't want to come back.

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